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Avis création de robe de mariée en ligne, à distance


I got married in September 2016, and Laurie realized the dress of my town hall. Making a tailor-made dress can be frightening then a fortiori when you have done it at a distance! Indeed living in strasbourg it was impossible to move to meet Laurie. She was able to take up the challenge of distance! We worked by Skype and by sending packages. Laurie taught me to take my measurements, totally took into account my desires while advising me to have the PERFECT dress. She was very quick in the realization of the dress which allowed to have time if there was need of small retouches (which was not the case). Result: the dress was incredible, and all my guests were under the spell. If I had to do it again I would do it right away and with my eyes closed !!!Thank you Laurie!

Avis client robe de mariée


I thank Laurie-Anne for this white dress tailored at a party and at which she was very successful! Laurie-Anne knew how to listen and advise me according to my morphology. The dress corresponds in everything to what I was looking for. So, I can only recommend Laurie-Anne’s services for creating your dresses.


A real pleasure to work with Laurie-Anne Fritz, a very listening designer, who was able to create an exceptional piece that corresponded exactly to what I wanted. I recommend it and will not hesitate to trust it for other events.

Léa D.

Dressing for a woman is always a certain complexity: finding the right piece, on a particular silhouette … It’s not given to everyone to know how to do it.” Laurie-Anne, she knows. Passionate about her profession, she always knew how to be good advice: at a glance she knows what it takes in terms of silhouette, fabrics, Shapes … When I got engaged, to entrust my dress to her was obvious: I had a certain model in mind that she knew how to rework to put me in the best value. I trusted her eyes closed: Being in Lisbon and she was in Bordeaux, she took my measurements and did not need anything more.Despite the distance she knew to be very available and reassure me. When I came back 6 months later, my dress was ready and I’m getting married soon and we are already discussing my dress: the excitement rises and Laurie shares it with me, she knew how to understand exactly what I sought and will make me the bride of my dreams. Working with Laurie-Anne is like working with a longtime friend: we understand each other and we trust each other. All that is needed when tailor – made “.

Robe de mariée Création sur mesure Lea


Laurie Anne respected my personality and the dress she created was unanimous, it corresponded totally to my physique but also to my personality. Laurie Anne knew how to be sensitive to my desires and perfectly transcribe these in the creation of the dress

Robe de mariée Création sur mesure Aleksandra


For my wedding, I was looking for a special and customized dress. A dress that resembles me. I had a precise idea of what I wanted and I needed someone to advise me on the choice of materials and the shape of the top of the dress …. (not always obvious to choose the material that we Highlights). Creator Laurie Anne Fritz has guided me through this important step. It was a pleasure to listen to the advice of this professional who at one blow of a single knew to draw the perfect dress for my day J! The result was amazing! Today when I look at my dress I’m in love.